Coaching using a failproof method.

Use our state of the art tools to achieve your own tailored goals.

How it works*

Virtually every successful person has a coach that helped them achieve their success. Athletes, artists, actors, and executives all leverage a coach to propel them further than they can on their own. A great coach brings the experience, accountability, and resources to help avoid the potholes that drag your business down.

Our coaches are experienced executives and business owners that have started, scaled, and exited businesses and have the ‘war stories’ to help you minimize or avoid the same mistakes. 

Most importantly, we’re not here to tell you what to do; no business owner wants that.

Leveraging the Catapult Method and the variety of tools available to you, our goal is to help you realize the massive potential of you and your business. Pick from a variety of coaching services to help take your business to the next level.

Not sure if coaching is for you?

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Group Mastermind

Our Group Masterminds consist of small groups (6-8) of non-competitive business owners that work through the Catapult Method together as they apply it to their businesses. With a shared set of desire to help each other succeed, the adage “2 heads are better than one” holds true as 6-8 are better than 2!

Our customers experience fresh ideas and perspectives from various size businesses and related but non-competitive industries in an executive roundtable format. Your Mastermind Coach keeps the meetings focused, productive and full of value.

We offer Accelerated Programs with an intense one per week over an 8 week period and/or ongoing Masterminds that meet twice per month over the course of six months or longer.

One-on-One Coaching

Our one-on-one coaching programs are where we work directly with the business owner (we have options for leadership team coaching) as we take you step-by-step through the Catapult Method, working on every major driver of your business.

Our focus is on specific outcomes designed to increase your sales, boost your bottom-line profit, free up cash flow, accelerate your growth, and potentially double the value of your business.

Our Certified Coaches will leverage the training, tools, and guidance to help take your business to the next level.

AskMyBoard Forum

Don’t want to wait for an answer until your next advisory/coaching session? 

Have a question that your internal team, advisory board nor coach are really qualified to answer?

That’s why we originally created AskMyBoard.

Stop spending hours Googling for what is most likely a complicated answer to a complicated question. Our Expert Network and Community of Founders will address your question with the level of depth and industry expertise your problem deserves. 

Imagine having experts on call to address your thorniest issues. That’s what the Owner’s Forum was designed for; to provide timely and meaningful answers to your questions that you can’t get from generalists or by searching the web.

Expert Network

Who, not How. 

Made famous by Dan Sullivan, the sage advice holds true now more than ever as running a business gets more complex every year. Stop searching for “how” to do it and hire our proven experts to help accelerate your growth.

We’ve assembled a vetted, proven team of experts that are motivated to help you grow your business across a wide spectrum of business needs. 

In many cases, we’ve negotiated deeper discounts for AskMyBoard members which you can take advantage of that could translate into saving tens of thousands of dollars.