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AskMyBoard is a strategic advisory firm that provides strategic insights, tools and support for the growth-minded entrepreneur and business owner seeking a better future. Whether it’s more profitable growth or a richer exit. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals faster. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their companies and double your value, and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty alongside you in order to do so.

We have helped countless entrepreneurs grow the value of their businesses in less time with our proprietary system called the Catapult Method that provides uncommon, field-tested tactical and strategic advice hacked from the fastest growing companies and delivered to you through online learning, coaching, masterminds, and an affiliated network of world-class domain expert partners.

Faster growth

True growth – the kind that is sustainable in good times and bad – and the kind that provides cash producing scale – is not a simple one-trick tactic. True growth and scale is multidimensional and cuts across every aspect of your business from hiring the right team, executing the right strategy, smart cash flow management and maniacal customer success. There are no silver bullets; no magic pills and no “secrets” where you can wave a magic wand, work a few hours per week and watch cash pour in the door. 

You’re smarter than that – you know that growing a business is hard work! But you also recognize that there are proven strategies, frameworks, principles (and people) that can accelerate your learning and deliver the results (not just information) that you want.

The Catapult Method™

Our proprietary Catapult Method™ is a proven system to accelerate profitable growth by leveraging the same strategies, tactics and tools used by the fastest-growing companies. It leverages the four Pillars of Power™ fundamental to the long-term success of any business. It’s designed by entrepreneurs who know what it means to be successful because we’ve started, scaled and sold multiple businesses generating hundreds of millions of dollars in exits. 

The Pillars of Power™

We call this “The Catapult Method” which is a step-by-step process focused on the four Pillars of Power (Team, Customers, Capital, and Strategic Execution) that creates explosive growth, sustainable scale and maximum business value. These methods have been used by over 55,000 business owners to accelerate their growth and double the value of their businesses.

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