Do you want to grow, or do you want to scale?

Most business owners want to grow their business. But is growing the same thing as scaling? Not quite. And understanding the difference can mean the difference between more profit with less work, versus less profit with more work.

The problem with growth

Growing your business and increasing revenue is great, but it can also add more complexity and ultimately more work.

“Growing is doing more things right; scaling is doing more of the right things”

So when business owners are only focused on growth, they often become swamped with work and end up stressed out, frustrated, and often find themselves working more while earning less.

How scaling is different

Scaling your business adds more money to the business, but also decreases your need to be involved in the day-to-day business operations. So you ultimately get more money with less effort. The Scalability Finder helps you identify your products and services that have the potential to scale up the fastest while minimizing dependence on you personally as the owner.

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