How much does it cost to acquire each new customer?

This tool will help you understand the health of your business. In order to effectively scale and maximize the value of your business, you need to have a solid handle on the cost it requires to acquire a new customer. Once you have a handle on this metric, combined with the lifetime value of your customers, you can make informed marketing investment decisions. Imagine being able to turn on and turn off growth based on your marketing spend, and knowing exactly how much money you’ll make each time. That’s the power of calculating and managing your Customer Acquisition Cost.

With this tool, you will calculate the relationship between the Life Time Value (LTV) of your customers in each business/product segment along with your Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC). We’ll help guide you on the ratios you need for a healthy, scalable business. While this tool is focused on monthly increments, you can use any timeline you like (quarterly, annual, etc.).

Interested in calculating your customer acquisition cost (CAC)?