Will you make your retirement goals?

Business owners are great at setting goals. But often miss the timing. The Exit Planner can help you forecast into the future when you’ll need to sell your business, (and even start the process) in order to meet your retirement goals.

Starting with your financial goals and then taking into account your current Business Value Assessment, the Exit Planner gives you a snapshot of how long you’ll need to work on your business until it’s worth enough to be sold for the target price. This tool also takes into account the timeline you’ll need to prepare your business for a sale and the current average earn-out periods. You’ll know exactly what year you can finally retire based on your financial goals. There’s nothing more motivating than to have a realistic long-term plan which you can share with your family as an incentive to work towards your ultimate freedom.

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Freedom Point Calculator

The Freedom Point is a precise moment in time when selling your business will yield a return that will allow you to achieve financial independence. This means having enough money to afford the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family for the rest of your life.

Using the calculator, you will first estimate the annual income you need to support your desired lifestyle without financial constraints. Next, you will estimate the wealth you have accumulated outside of your company and combine it with the after-tax proceeds you expect to gain from the sale of your business. If they add up to a number greater than the savings you need to fund your lifestyle, you’ve reached The Freedom Point. Use this free online calculator to determine what the value of your business needs to be in order to achieve your goals and earn your freedom. Once you know “your number”, check out our Business Value Assessment and other Exit Planning tools to determine how close you are to achieving this number and what you need to get there faster.

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Scenario Planner

We leverage the Scenario Planning tool to create one or more future scenarios to discuss the potential impact of possible improvements we can make in your business and the impact it will have on the value of your business. This helps us create the roadmap to demonstrate how we could help you prioritize the highest impact areas that could potentially double the value. Once we agree on the path forward, we create the Action Planner that guides our work together.