A mission and a drive.

Use our state of the art tools to achieve your goals faster, whether you’re focused on accelerating growth or planning for an exit.

Our company

AskMyBoard is a strategic growth and exit advisory firm that serves growth-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and their teams. Our mission is to help you get the answers and resources you need to achieve your goals faster. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs grow their companies, and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty alongside you in order to do so. We have helped countless entrepreneurs grow their businesses in less time and realize richer exits with our proprietary system called the Catapult Method.

Our team

Our team of Expert Business Advisors bring decades of experience culled from some of the fastest growing companies on earth (including our own!) to provide actionable insights and tactical guidance customized specifically for your company’s needs. Our Founder, Pete Martin, is both a seasoned executive and serial entrepreneur who has worked in sales, operations, and executive management for over 25 years, beginning in sales at IBM, executive management at SAP, and then building six of his own companies. Over his career, he has been personally involved in the sales of over $1 billion worth of software, services, and technology to global companies, including Dow Chemical, Lockheed Martin, Goodyear, Eli Lilly, and Continental General Tire, as well as to small to medium-sized businesses.

Pete started, scaled, and sold four out of four previous companies (two remain active, including AskMyBoard), including car leasing, systems integration consulting, business process outsourcing, and software distribution. His most recent sale was to the global auditing giant, KPMG. Pete has personally advised hundreds of C-level executives and business owners across 26 industries to grow their firms, enhance their business operations, and improve their financial performance.