Special Offer - Exit Readiness Bootcamp

13 week mastermind designed to rebuild your company into a valuable asset

We’ve condensed 12 months of learning into an accelerated 3 months (execution could take longer) to give you a significant jump start on planning your exit and the chance to double the value of your company. We’ll help you maximize your value and secure the best terms when you ready to exit.

What you'll get

One hour facilitated Mastermind meetings each group with up to 8 business owner peers

One year access the world’s leading cloud-based platform for building company value

Weekly micro-lesson video tutorials

Weekly value-building tools including the following:

At the end of the Bootcamp, you will have a comprehensive customized roadmap to doubling the value of your business along with a fair bit of work completed to get there! Designed for company owners with $1-10 million in annual revenue.

Normally $36,000 - now only $3,995 for the next week only.

This offer expires at midnight on April 7th!

There are limited spots available so don’t miss yours!

Be sure to use the discount code: BGSSUMMIT


Money back guarantee

If you do the work and don’t see at least a 10x return* on your investment, simply ask for your money back.

*Return = increase in business valuation (as measured in Value Builder Score), revenue, profits or cash flow.